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Pre-SIHH: Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon and Mysterious Day Night Watch

Omega Replica Watches's pre-SIHH announcements began with two new items that expand on their haute horlogerie story.

Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Skeleton Mysterious Two Tourbillon Watch is the first. It is powered by the calibre 94565MC. The movement was announced for the first time in 2013. It features a tourbillon mechanism which appears to float in nothingness. Even more bizarre is the fact that the tourbillon rotates in a complete circle every 60 seconds. However,omega replica the entire cage of the tourbillon takes a complete 360-degree turn within the chasm every five minutes.

The mystery surrounding the Mysterious Two Tourbillon has been further enhanced by the inclusion of the skeletonization in the new calibre 9465MC. This new aesthetic is not just for show. Take the Roman Numeral hour markers, which now serve as bridges connecting the movement. It would have required major architectural changes to preserve its chronometric integrity.

However, the second piece has been revealed and is something that will be hot right out of the oven. The new Mysterious Day and Night Watch continues the theme of mystery and borrows from Cariter’s earlier Day and Night replica It features an animated, transparent skyline that doubles as the hour and day indicator. The retrograde mechanism then reflects minutes on the lower portion of the dial.

The watch's movement, the calibre 9982MC is a new addition in Omega Replica Watches's collection of internally-developed movements. However, it incorporates and reinterprets the complications that were part of Omega Replica Watches's knowledge.

Referring back to the Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Skeleton Mysterious Dual Tourbillon Watch, the first is the 45mm polished gold case. However, the second option has a case bezel paved in baguette-cut diamonds. Each version will be limited to 30 pieces.

This Rotonde de Omega Replica Watches Mysterious Night & Day Watch is the 40mm version in 18k pink gold. However,Omega Replica Watches there will be a white gold version. These will be available in regular production starting in 2018.

Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Mysterious Day & Night Watch

Technical Specifications: Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon


Manual winding calibre: 9465MC; Certified "Poincon de Geneve"; hours and minutes with Mysterious Double Tourbillon


45mm platinum case with option for baguette cut diamond set bezel; water resistance to 30m


Alligator skin in navy blue with an 18K white gold buckle

Technical Specifications: Rotonde De Omega Replica Watches Mysterious Day & Night Watch


Manual winding calibre 9982MC, day and night indicator incorporated into hour indicator; retrograde minute


40mm of 18kt pink gold or white, water-resistant to 30m


Alligator skin and matching gold folding buckle

Omega Replica Watches